Readers who are familiar with the history of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP) – and with Keith Alan Raniere – will likely recognize our names.

Both of us were involved with NXIVM/ESP – albeit in very different ways and for very different lengths of time. In addition, both of our lives were changed in profound and permanent ways as a result of our involvement with NXIVM/ESP and Keith.

For a brief period, we worked together on some of the lawsuits that were launched by Keith against his list of self-declared “enemies”. Little did we know that we would both end up being on that list.

For a much longer period, we had no communication whatsoever with one another. But then in a twist of fate, we were brought back in touch with one another via our mutual association with Frank Parlato, the Founder and Publisher of Frank Report.

As might be expected, we initially talked about NXIVM/ESP – and Keith’s trial. The focus of those discussions centered on our joint belief that most media outlets did an extremely poor job in identifying the actual legal issues involved in that trial – and in describing how the daily court sessions did/did not relate to those issues.

The more we talked, the more we realized that there was a general need for a media outlet that would report about high-profile trials in a way that would let the general public fully understand what was going on from a legal standpoint – and that would also explain how the evidence and testimony that was introduced in those trials did or did not relate to those legal issues. We also concluded that there was a similar need for factual and objective reporting about a wide array of high-interest issues.

After several more months of brainstorming and discussion, we decided to launch the Trials & Truths blog – and see if we could attract enough readers to make this a worthwhile venture, both for them and us.

First and foremost, we are committed to reporting, factually and objectively, about high-profile trials and high-profile issues – and to also offering opinions regarding some of those trials and issues via separate and distinct Op-Eds. Our philosophical approach to this venture is summed up in these two quotes:

  • “The foundation of justice is good faith” – Cicero
  • “Justice is truth in action” – Benjamin Disraeli

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and perspective – and to learning a great deal from our readers.

PS/Although we expect that many of our readers will want us to immediately share our experiences and insights regarding NXIVM/ESP and its leaders and members, we have decided to hold off writing anything about those topics during our initial months of operation. The primary reason for that decision is that we do not want this blog to become just another place that reports on things that others are already covering. But rest assured, when we do start writing about those topics, we’ll provide the same factual and objective analysis that will be featured in all our other posts – and we’ll share some information and insights that are not available anywhere else.