Comments Section Is Fixed!

Thanks to the tremendous work by our Blog/Website Designer and Web Manager, the remarkable MadAddie, our Comments Section is now fully operational – and the individual paragraphs in a comment no longer run into one another. And even better, this “fix” not only will ensure that future comments are easier to read, but it also fixed all the earlier comments we’ve received since we first went “live” back on June 1st.

The first two months have gone by in a flash – and we’ve learned a lot during that period of time. Now, we’re looking forward to generating lots more interesting posts for our readers – and to answering their questions and responding to their comments.

Please let us know about any other glitches and/or any other changes that you’d like to see on Trial and Truths. You can do this by commenting on this post or by sending an email to us at

Thanks for your interest and support. That’s what makes this all worthwhile.


2 Replies to “Comments Section Is Fixed!”

  1. Great! It would be helpful to have a comments “count” visible on the home page for each article with a link to jump straight to the comments. Perhaps also a notification to your email when someone responds. It’s especially helpful when viewing on a phone.

    1. Good suggestions. I’ll run all of this by our Blog Manager – and let you know if/when we can get these things done.

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